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About CHC Group

CHC Group is an international B2B platform provider from the Netherlands. Its subsidiaries cover a wide range of services, such as trade shows, conferences, and online marketing promotion, dedicated to supporting the environmental industry’s players in getting in touch with their targeted buyers or suppliers. The CHC Group caters to industry verticals, such as urban-industrial environmental management, IoT environmental solutions, home comfort & sustainability, water treatment, pump & valve technologies, air purification, solid waste & gas waste treatment, water supply & drainage, chemical industry, and other industries related to the environmental protection. CHC Group’s mission is fortifying the environmental industry ecosystem at large through a platform for manufacturers, stakeholders, and commercial end-users to come together, and this way helping thousands of businesses in the world to grow and reach their international and local clients.

Over the last ten years, Shanghai CHC Expo has extended its engagement beyond trade shows through complementary forums, events, and B2B e-commerce. Partners and attendees include representatives from diverse development sectors, research institutions, product manufacturers, non-profit and government representatives, professional associations, consulting and investment firms, and more.

Our Vision

Bring together the full spectrum of stakeholders, decision-makers, experts, and community members to explore and propel knowledge. Create opportunities for innovative business while striving to do our best




AQUATECH CHINA, FLOWTECH CHINA, BUILDEX CHINA, ECOTECH CHINA AIR are held concurrently as part of the WieTec trade show platform. WieTec is now considered one of the leading events for the environmental sector in Asia and beyond.

WieTec occupies a display area of 200,000 square meters and gathers more than 3,000 exhibitors from 36 countries and regions. Almost 90,000 visitors from 89 countries and regions attend the event! The event is now gaining international recognition and over 14% of visitors are coming from overseas. Key industry stakeholders from all over the globe attend the event to exchange their knowledge and ideas as environmental protection is gaining momentum in China more and more.


The 9th Aquatech China is held in the biggest exhibition venue in Shanghai – National Exhibition & Convention Center. The show is beating its record on many levels by reaching a display area of 150,000 sqm and gathering 2,647 exhibitors from more than 36 countries and regions. Visitors from all over the world flocked to the show – 75,000 of them from 89 countries and regions! With international acclaim, Aquatech China is being recognized as a must event for professionals involved in water technologies. Visitors are benefiting from attending concurrent events, the 5th Flowtech China, Buildex China, and Ecotech China, and gaining an overall knowledge about the latest environmental technologies.


The 8th Aquatech China reaches a record 100,000 sqm of a display area and brings together 2,019 exhibitors from more than 30 countries and regions, and 56,829 visitors from all over the world! Concurrent shows, the 4th Flowtech China, Ecotech China, and Buildex China, are building a reputation in China and beyond.


The 5th WaterEx Beijing is held in Beijing National Convention Center. The 7th Aquatech China occupies 75,000 sqm of exhibition space in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center and gathers 1,376 exhibitors from 34 countries. More than 40,000 visitors from all over the globe attend the event! The concurrent show, the 3rd Flowtech China, attracts many visitors involved in the pump, pipe, and valve technologies. In July of that year, Ecotech China and Buildex China are held for the first time.


The 4th WaterEx Beijing is held in Beijing National Convention Center. The 6th AQUATECH CHINA takes place at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center concurrently with Flowtech China, expanding the display area to 70,000 sqm. More than 1,200 exhibitors from 32 countries joined the shows, of which the proportion of overseas exhibitors reached 42%. After six successful years, AQUATECH CHINA has established the status of China's leading trade show for water technologies.


The 3rd WaterEx Beijing is held in Beijing National Convention Center. Later the same year, the 5th AQUATECH CHINA successfully takes place at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition & Convention Center! After four successive successful editions, the show has now set a record in terms of the display area, quality of exhibitors, and the number of visitors.


Flowtech China is held for the first time. The same year, CHC Group receives the 2011 Best Enterprise and Advanced Unit Actively Participating in Industry Activities Award by the Shanghai Convention and Exhibition Industry Association.


In June that year, the highly anticipated third Aquatech China is held successfully at the Shanghai Exhibition Center. Following the two successful editions, that year’s show sets new records in terms of display area and the number of visitors. The display area reaches 27,000 square meters, and more than 600 exhibitors from 32 countries participate in the show. The proportion of overseas exhibitors reaches 51%!


The second edition of AQUATECH CHINA is held at the Shanghai Exhibition Center. After the successful first edition, the show proved again to be a success. A total of 502 exhibitors from more than 31 countries and regions showcased the latest water treatment products and services over a 22,000 sqm display area.


The 1st edition of AQUATECH CHINA successfully held at the Shanghai Exhibition Center.


CHC Expo is appointed as the sole representative of Aquatech in China, the internationally renowned brand of trade shows for water technologies from the Netherlands.


CHC Group is formed by Dutch entrepreneurs BASED in China with the organization of trade shows as the core business.


Business Structure

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Shanghai Hexiang Exhibition Co., Ltd

Shanghai Hejia Exhibition Co., Ltd

Shanghai Heyue Business Consulting Co., Ltd


Company Culture


Our shared goals and values are the force that holds our team together.


With our values and missions aligned and a strong sense of responsibility, we have everything that is needed to stand up to any challenge.


Our team’s “wolf” spirit includes loyalty, teamwork, and a sense of community.


Honors & Awards

2021 Most Influential Green Technology Exhibition Golden Finger Award

2019 Golden Finger Award: Top 70 Exhibitions upon the 70th Anniversary of the Founding of the People's Republic of China

2017 China Environmental Protection Foundation

2017 Director Board of China Fresh Air Industry Alliance

2017 China Exhibition Industry Golden Finger Award

2017 Company Recognitions

2016 China Convention and Exhibition Industry Golden Finger Award: The Most Influential Industry Exhibition

The Most Influential Industry Exhibition of China Expo in 2016

2015 Top Ten Industry Exhibitions

2015 China Exhibition Industry Golden Finger Award: Top Ten Industry Exhibitions

2014 Shanghai International Exhibition Brand Award

Best Company of 2011

Best Company of 2011

Best International Exhibition Project of 2011

Advanced Member Actively Participating In Industry Activities in 2011