WieTec 2021day 2: Excitement & Vibrancy in the Exhibition Halls


WieTec 2021 day 2 is proving that face-to-face (or mask-to-mask?) meetings at venues are still crucial in making new business and personal contacts. The impressive day two of WieTec was well attended, including a surprising number of vibrant, research-driven visitors.     As one of the largest events for environmental industries in China, in the past 14 years Wietec and its accompanying exhibitions have played an important role in developing trade exchanges between China and other countries and in upgrading their technological cooperation.   Trade shows play a pivotal role in the environmental industry here in China. WieTec visistors are therefore very excited to see the return of the show in 2021, despite the recent pandemic oubreak in the south of the country.    In spite of the difficulty of overseas travel, we have had the pleasure of engaging with the overseas audience through the hybrid seminars "Digitalisation of the Water Sector in China" and "Circular Economy & the Water Sector," thanks to our collaboration partner China Europe Water Platform.         WieTec exhibitors stopped by at the organizer's office to do the onsite booth reservation for WieTec 2022, which allowed them to choose attractive booth location and enjoy early bird discount.     Many exhibitors seized the opportunity to launch their latest products and solutions for the first time in China and Asia Pacific.   At the show we felt visitors' enthusiasm to meet their industry friends, buyers and suppliers. The second day of the show has provided a positive and important opportunity for us to see the recovering and emerging changes of the environmental & home comfort market in the second year of the pandemic. We hope that WieTec as a world-class trade show will help continue Shanghai's position as a trading hub for environmental solutions in Asia. We look forward to day three of the show!