Electric atmosphere at the last day of the 14th WieTec


WieTec 2021 came to a close in Shanghai on Friday with the enthusiastic on-site participation. The trade show presented a unique overview of the diverse environmental & home comfort technologies throught China and Asia, and across the globe.



The highly anticipated 14th edition of WieTec closed on Friday, June 4. The 2021 show featured a strong line-up of more than 2,500 exhibors from across China and overseas.






The show has continued to attract a crowd of serious buyers, with an unparalleled appetite for exploring and buying emerging technologies. Of the fact that many exhibitions have moved online, many buyers expressed excitement to be able to attend the show in-person. "I feel very lucky to be in China", said one of the visitors. "We were delighted to be back at WieTec in Shanghai and were thrilled  by the presence of many serious buyers in the show halls. We are so pleased that we have decided to be present at the show," another exhibitor added.









We are proud and honored that WieTec has continued to fulfill its role as one of the leading trade shows in Asia for environmental and home comfort technologies. We are deeply grateful to our participating exhibitors for their commitment to our show here in Shanghai all these years, and the city's institutions, associations and non-profits for offering their full support by putting together a range of programs, conferences and events alongside our show. We are delighted to have been able to share the excitement and vibrancy in the exhibition halls with our visitors and we look forward to reuniting next year. 




WieTec 2021 onsite photo gallery: https://live.photoplus.cn/live/73739802?uniqCode=Fx4Ed1wFUf&accessFrom=qrcode#/list