A.O. Smith’s Qiu Bu: “There is still a lot of room for improvement in the ventilation and water purification industry”


A.O.Smith On The Future of HVAC,Water Purification And Smart Home Industry

In an on-site interview, Qiu Bu, the President of A.O. Smith China, and Song Weimin, the Vice President of China Construction & Metal Structure Association, spoke to China Securities News about the future of the home comfort industry in China. Qiu Bu explains why HVAC and home comfort industry need a holistic approach.



On October 10, the 11th Watertech China Beijing opened at the Beijing National Convention Center. In an on-site interview, Qiu Bu, the President of A.O, Smith China, spoke to China Securities News about technical challenges in the ventilation and water purification industry, such as secondary pollution, noise pollution, common maintenance problems, and serious problem of product homogeneity that doesn’t meet the diversified consumer needs. Qiu Bu advises that the industry takes a holistic approach, with a focus on user experience and smart, connected, low-carbon solutions. He also touched on the development of the home refurbishing industry, where he advises “system integration after product refinement." Over the years, A.O. Smith China has been exploring ways to upgrade homes to modern standards by improving indoor air quality and water purification.


Qiu Bu invited real estate companies, designers and architects, construction engineers, and other stakeholders to fortify the air and water purification industry ecosystem through unified, modern, and upgraded standards that are aligned with the Chinese government’s latest initiatives, which could pave the way for more innovative achievements in the industry. Furthermore, Qiu Bu states that the opportunities are everywhere for the companies who take consumer experience seriously, and who take the big picture into consideration when developing air and water purifiers, and other home comfort products.


Song Weimin, the Vice President and Secretary-General of China Construction & Metal Structure Association, pointed out that China is becoming the world’s leader in green economy and technology. He expects that shifting to “carbon neutral” solutions will soon become the impetus for the industry development and new business models in the home comfort industry. The adoption of IoT innovations will also contribute to the faster integration of new services and products.


According to Qiu Bu, in 2020 A.O. Smith has achieved excellent results in manufacturing residential and commercial water heaters, and water and air purification equipment. In the following years, the company will mainly focus on “smart interconnection” that integrates cooling, heating, and ventilation products and services through AI-LiNK technology - the first one in China’s home comfort industry! The company plans to develop a line of products that will enhance a customer’s lifestyle with simple but sophisticated control of room temperature, humidity, and ventilation, and create a perfect ambiance in their home, free of noise pollution and cooking odors, with hot and filtered water always ready for use. In conclusion, A.O. Smith will continue to provide reliable products that add convenience, comfort, and peace to its customers!