Watertech China Beijing 2021- it’s really good to be back!


Watertech China is back to Beijing! There’s a strong interest to see products and technologies in real life and to have extensive in-person conversations.  It was more than exciting to meet industry colleagues and peers again after a two year break.



Watertech China Beijing 2021 came to a close in Beijing on Tuesday with the enthusiastic on-site participation. The trade show presented a unique overview of the diverse environmental & home comfort technologies throught China and Asia, and across the globe. 


Watertech China Beijing offers a platform that strengthens trade and business relationships between environmental industry stakeholders, and that promotes the shift to “carbon neutral” solutions. Established in 2010, the show has become one of the most influential trade shows for the water treatment industry, and one of the main industry platforms for municipal, industrial and civilian use in northern China. 


The exhibition is divided into 7 theme areas including wastewater treatment, membrane water treatment technology, water purification, pump & valve technology, air purification & ventilation, instrumentation, and comprehensive water technology. 


Industries such as metallurgy, pharmaceuticals and chemical industry have especially benefited from joining the show as they are in great need of carbon-neutral solutions that are pivotal for achieving China’s “dual-carbon” goals. The shift to “carbon neutral” is also one of the main drivers of the home comfort sector, which includes product systematization, system integration, etc.


This year, the show featured a strong line-up of more than 600 exhibitors who showcased products such as sewage purification devices, hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane modules, MBR equipment and components, integrated seawater desalination systems, EDI electro-deionization devices, electrodeionization (EDI) systems, air suspension centrifugal blowers, water quality monitors/environmental monitors, MINI screw-type sludge dewatering machines, among many other products.










Brands such as AO Smith, Canature, Angel, Syr Hanshill,  Ribon,  Brisk,  Ferly, Naco, and many others, have presented  selected whole-house water purification products, self-service water vending machines, water boilers, water purifiers, water purification accessories, wall-mounted fresh air systems and other water treatment products that attracted the enthusiastic audience. 






A full program of conferences and events took place each day of the show. Partners and attendees included representatives from diverse development sectors, research institutions, product manufacturers, non-profit and government representatives, professional associations, consulting and investment firms, creating an exciting, region-wide water technology event.





The forums and roundtables were supported by China Membrane Industry Association, Zhejiang Membrane Industry Association, Zhongke Anhua Industrial Technology Center, China Construction Metal Structure Association, Ventilation and Water Purification Association, Shandong Home Appliance Water Purification Committee, Io Smith (China) Water Heaters, Sunde (China) HVAC equipment, to name a few. Experts from across China came together to discuss the most pressing environmental issues and to learn the ins and outs of water related topics, such as water purification projects, water purification & real estate, wastewater treatment projects and membranes. 


2021 Membrane Technology Forum (Municipal direction)



Over the last few years, separation membrane technology has been used in municipal water supply & drainage, and in industrial wastewater treatment. Nowadays, wastewater is and should be considered a valuable resource from which clean water, energy, fertilizers, and nutrients can be extracted. Unlike traditional methods, membrane technology has the ability to transform elements found in wastewater into an energy resource. Furthermore, membrane systems take less space, and they are easy to integrate with other technologies.


Membrane technology is used in municipal water treatment, especially as part of the upgrading and transformation of water plants. What improvements have been made in membrane performance in order to meet the requirements of municipal water treatment? What new technologies, new processes, and new ideas have emerged over the last few years? The forum found the answers to some of these questions, and much more. The primary objective of the conference was to bring together a quality audience, and present case studies that illustrate best practices and provide examples of projects that promote the implementation of circular economy principles. The guest speakers were membrane experts with extensive experience in municipal water treatment, who analyzed these projects from many different aspects, such as the project context and challenges, solutions, financial structure, benefits, enabling factors, to name a few.


The forum was sponsored by China Membrane Industry Association, and co-organized by Shanghai CHC Expo Co., Ltd., the Exhibition Department of China Membrane Industry Association and Training Department of China Membrane Industry Association.


Guest speakers of the forum:


Zheng Xiang, a professor from the School of Environment of Renmin University of China, with the topic titled "Municipal Membrane Sewage Treatment Technology: Past, Present and Future"; Li Yi, Chief Engineer of Beijing Municipal Engineering Design and Research Institute, with the topic "Application Sharing of Membrane Technology in Municipal Water Industry"; Jia Shirong, Senior Technical Manager of Hyde Energy, USA,"Application of Energy-saving Reverse Osmosis/Nanofiltration Membrane in Municipal Water Treatment Projects"; Fanle Lu, Chairman of Hongyun Machinery,"A device for efficiently dissolving polysulfone polymer materials"; Xu Ping, Deputy General Manager, Vontron, "New products for domestic RO/NF membranes to help reduce pollution and carbon emissions"; Shi Xiaohui, Project Manager, Aerospace Huayang,"Water Treatment Membrane Equipment Technology and Industry Solutions"; Dr. Huang Renyao, Ph.D. research scholar and Manager of the Technical Department, Osaico Membrane Technologyt, "New Antibacterial Membrane Application in the field of water treatment"; Dr. Luo Min, Suez Water, "Four-step Membrane Enhanced Biological Treatment Based on Sewage Treatment Plant Upgrading and Reconstruction"; Liang Guoming, researcher and General Manager of Snap Membrane Technology,"Flat membranes in MBR system"; Ai Bing, General Manager of Beipai Membrane Technology, "Application of Beipai Pressure Ultrafiltration Membrane System in Municipal Reclaimed Water Treatment Project"; Liu Jianfeng, Chief Engineer, Best Instruments, "Principles, Methods and Precautions of Membrane Pore Size Testing".


2021 Chemical Wastewater Treatment Technology Case Study Exchange Forum



How to realize the goals of peaking carbon emissions by 2030 and achieving carbon neutrality by 2060 in a big country that has not completed industrialization? How can water treatment companies optimize their technologies to fit into the country’s emission-reducing efforts? And how to reduce CO2 emissions significantly while guaranteeing the power supply needed for economic and social development? These and similar questions have been discussed during the Chemical Wastewater Treatment Technology Case Study Exchange Forum in order to provide an in-depth overview of the region’s water technologies. 


The conference was hosted by Beijing Zhongke Anhua Industrial Technology Center and co-organized by Shanghai CHC Expo Co., Ltd., and was particularly focused on membrane separation, crystallization and evaporation crystallization of chemical wastewater,  high-gravity technologies, and other wastewater technologies, making it a perfect platform for the chemical industry professionals.


Guest speakers of the forum:


Professor Qiu Ruchen, Qingdao University of Science and Technology, "Chemical Wastewater Process Technology Development and Application"; Professor Li Jiding, Department of Chemical Engineering, Tsinghua University, "Efficient Integrated Water Treatment Technology and Its Application"; Professor Shao Lei, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, "Hyper-gravity Technology in Wastewater Treatment Application"; Professor Zhang Qingwu of Beijing Rixin Yuanwang Technology Development Co., Ltd., "High-quality activated carbon fiber for liquid purification and industrial wastewater"; Researcher Zeng Ping, Chinese Academy of Environmental Sciences, "Wastewater Treatment in Pharmaceutical Industry- Management and Technology; Han Jiafang, senior partner of Industrial Wastewater Zero Discharge Alliance Industry Center, "Technical Routes and Process Packages for Realizing Zero Discharge of Chemical Wastewater as Resources"; Huang Weijian, General Manager of Shanghai Keting Group Co., Ltd., "Japan CD DRYER in Application of Evaporation and Crystallization of Highly Concentrated Wastewater; Professor Qin Yingjie, Tianjin University School of Chemical Engineering, "High-efficiency and energy-saving gaseous membrane process used in large-scale engineering cases for the treatment of various ammonia-containing wastewaters"; Professor Gong Junbo, School of Chemical Engineering, Tianjin University, "Green Refined Crystallization" Technology and Crystallization Process Wastewater Technology"; Huang Xiping, a professor-level senior engineer at Tianjin Institute of Seawater Desalination and Comprehensive Utilization, Ministry of Natural Resources, "Controlling Crystallization—Precise Extraction of High Salt and High Organic Wastewater Resources Technology"; Professor Wang Yanfei, Tianjin University of Science and Technology, "Analysis on the Key Technologies of Evaporation and Crystallization of Salty Wastewater"; Wang Yongjun, senior engineer of the Central Research Institute of North China Pharmaceutical Group, "The Status and Development Trends of Wastewater Treatment Technology in the Pharmaceutical Industry"; Zhao Yong, Professor, School of Environmental Science and Engineering, Tianjin University, "Sewage Desalination New technology and actual engineering case analysis; Chen Jianxin, professor of Hebei University of Technology, "Water resource separation and recycling and efficient utilization"; Yin Shumei, professor of Chemical Engineering College of Qingdao University of Science and Technology, “‘Water stewardship’ one-stop factory."


2021 Smart Green Building Solutions & Industry Digital Applications



The goals of the conference include broadening collaboration within the many fields of the environmental industry, creating higher-quality opportunities for building professional skills and knowledge, broadening networking opportunities, leveraging the community in advocacy and public policy efforts, and raising awareness of the value and impact of carbon-neutral building development for achieving the energy performance targets. 


2021 Smart Green Building Solutions & Industry Digital Applications was jointly sponsored by Iosmith (China) Water Heater Co., Ltd., Sunde (China) HVAC Equipment Co., Ltd., Shanghai CHC Expo Co., Ltd. and "China Construction & Metal Structure" magazine.Those attending the conference included real estate companies, architecture & design studios, construction engineering companies, home improvement companies, and other individuals in the building & construction industry.




Watertech China Beiing is organized through the combined efforts of Amsterdam RAI, Shanghai CHC Expo Co., Ltd. and Membrane Industry Association of China (MIAC). In 2021, the show has continued to attract a crowd of serious buyers, with an unparalleled appetite for exploring and buying emerging technologies. The showcase of Watertech China Beijing has grown over the years, as interest in water and environmental-related research and progressive home-comfort solutions have increased. The showcase has expanded its program to cover a variety of topics related to water and energy conservation and design tactics for efficient use of energy and water. At the show we felt visitors' enthusiasm to meet their industry friends, buyers and suppliers. The show has provided a positive and important opportunity for us to see the recovering and emerging changes of the environmental & home comfort market in the second year of the pandemic. We hope that Watertech China Beijing will help continue Beijing's position as a trading hub for environmental solutions in northern China and Asia. We already look forward to the 2022 edition of the show!