Membrane Technology Forum


With membrane technology, by-products of wastewater treatment can be extracted, and become valuable for agriculture and energy generation, making wastewater treatment plants more environmentally and financially sustainable.



Over the last few years, separation membrane technology has been used in municipal water supply & drainage, and in industrial wastewater treatment. Nowadays, wastewater is and should be considered a valuable resource from which clean water, energy, fertilizers, and nutrients can be extracted. Unlike traditional methods, membrane technology has the ability to transform elements found in wastewater into an energy resource. Furthermore, membrane systems take less space, and they are easy to integrate with other technologies.


Membrane technology is used in municipal water treatment, especially as part of the upgrading and transformation of water plants. What improvements have been made in membrane performance in order to meet the requirements of municipal water treatment? What new technologies, new processes, and new ideas have emerged over the last few years? The forum will try to find the answers to some of these questions, and much more. The primary objective of the conference is to bring together a quality audience, and present case studies that illustrate best practices and provide examples of projects that promote the implementation of circular economy principles. The guest speakers are membrane experts with extensive experience in municipal water treatment, who will analyze these projects from many different aspects, such as the project context and challenges, solutions, financial structure, benefits, enabling factors, to name a few.


Membrane Technology Forum is an excellent platform for product developers/formulators, processors, plant managers, engineers, chemists, technicians, equipment manufacturers, research & development, sales & marketing specialists, technicians, and many others. The forum is held concurrently with Watertech China Beijing.


Organizer: China Membrane Industry Association


Co-organizer: Shanghai CHC Expo Co., Ltd.


Time and location:


October 10, 2021 (all day)


Beijing | China National Convention Center, Meeting room E232


Forum sessions:


The Municipal Membrane Wastewater Treatment Technology: Past, Present & Future


Case Study Exchange: Membrane Technology in The Municipal Water Industry


Energy-saving Reverse Osmosis/nanofiltration Membrane in Municipal Water Treatment


Equipment For Efficiently Dissolving Polysulfone Polymer Materials


Reducing Pollution & Carbon: New Progress and New Thinking on Domestic RO/NF Membranes


Water Treatment Membrane Equipment Technology and Industry Solutions


Case Study: New Antibacterial Water Treatment Membranes


Membrane Enhanced Biological Treatment Based on Four Steps of Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrading


Flat membranes in the MBR system


Case study: Ultrafiltration Membrane System & Municipal Reclaimed Water Treatment Projects


Forum contact:


Miss Zhang


Shanghai CHC Expo Co., Ltd.


Telephone: +86 21 33231413