Energy-Saving China 2022: Redefining The Fan Market Through Energy-Saving Solutions


Energy-Saving China 2022: Redefining The Market With Energy-Saving Solutions

Energy-Saving:Energy-Saving & Low-Carbon Fan Market

WieTec joins hands with China Energy Conservation Association and China Environmental Protection Federation to present Energy-Saving China which will be held at the Shanghai National Exhibition & Convention Center from June 8 to 10, 2022. In the light of the “dual carbon goals”, the show will display environmental technologies, products, and solutions that are used in the fan market, as well as the business opportunities for the fan market stakeholders.

The recently published 14th five-year plan (FYP) for the energy sector has set a new goal – to peak national carbon emissions “before 2030” and achieve carbon neutrality “before 2060.”  This reinforced the direction of the environmental protection and other industries to align with the “dual carbon goals”, and made innovations in the environmental sector an indispensable part of meeting these goals.

When it comes to saving energy in China, fans are most of the time overlooked, while they account for 20% of the country's electricity consumption. Therefore, introducing an energy-efficient fan range could help cut power costs and conserve energy, especially in high-energy-consuming industries such as steel, chemical industry, construction, machinery, non-ferrous metals, textiles, petroleum, and coal. The demand for fans in various projects has increased, with recent advances and developments of fans in terms of low energy consumption, low pollution, low noise, and industrial environmental protection, which has also helped the fan market to expand. Moreover, the “dual-carbon policy” is one of the key drivers of the fan market growth, and many environmental industries such as the wastewater treatment industry urgently need new routes and new processes that couple the concept of resource and energy recovery, so the energy-saving renovation of wastewater treatment plants is paramount in this context. One of the environmental goals is to improve the wastewater treatment efficiency and reduce the energy consumption of the wastewater treatment plants, and one way to do that is to reduce the high energy consumption of the aeration fans used in the treatment process. Innovation and the development of the energy-saving aeration fan will create low-energy and low-cost benefits, which is in line with the social development goals of energy conservation and emission reduction in China.

Taking all of this into consideration, the 2022 Energy-Saving China will have a special focus on the fan market. The event is scheduled to take place at the Shanghai National Exhibition & Convention Center from June 8 to 10, 2022. Well-known brands such as Ingersoll Rand, Xinhua East, Reitz, Piller, Dewei Turbine, Xinlei, Panli, Sanhe and many others have already registered their booth!

 Energy-Saving China 2022 Highlights:

Endorsed by the authoritative industry associations

Shanghai CHC Expo joined hands with authoritative industry associations. The 2022 Energy-Saving China is endorsed by China Environmental Protection Federation, China Energy Conservation Association, China Environmental Protection Industry Association, Shanghai Environmental Protection Industry Association, Jiangsu Environmental Protection Industry Association, Zhejiang Province The Environmental Protection Industry Association, Anhui Environmental Protection Industry Development Promotion Association, Jiangxi Environmental Protection Industry Association, and other authoritative industry stakeholders. The aim of the partnership is to bring the communication and cooperation between the stakeholders to a higher level in order to better understand the “dual carbon” policy and receive guidance from the highest authorities in the industry. Other stakeholders include China Chemical Enterprise Management Association, Shanghai Pharmaceutical Industry Association, Shanghai Food Industry Association, Shanghai Plastic Industry Association, Shanghai Drainage Industry Association, Zhejiang Urban Water Industry Association, and Sichuan Water Pollution Association, as well as some end-user market associations, such as the Governance Service Associations that plays a crucial role in representing the end-user oriented exhibitors and visitors.

Large database and excellent quality

2022 Energy-Saving China leverages Wietec’s fifteen years of excellent quality experience and the database of buyers. The exhibition is held concurrently with other WieTec trade shows that have already built a reputation over the years (such as Aquatech China), and is covered by established water industry media. The 2022 Energy-Saving China includes WieTec high-quality database of buyers related to the wastewater plants, design institutes, steel/metallurgy/pharmaceutical/food/chemical/petrochemical/manufacturing industries, and environmental protection projects. E.g., the show includes “Thousand Buyer Annual Meeting”, as well as the matchmaking meetings between suppliers, buyers, and VIP members from the WieTec database.

Comprehensive Fan Market Segments

Energy-Saving China 2022 range of exhibits covers all the key segments of the fan market, such as industrial energy-saving fans, environmental protection/water treatment fans, ventilation equipment, fan accessories, and other fan-related equipment, with a special focus on the energy-saving equipment market segments. The show offers a platform for the entire industry chain to browse and discover new products, talk business, place orders, and join the online marketplace.

Forums & Events

Thanks to the partnerships with multiple industry associations and media, the event will be complemented by forums and events dedicated to energy-saving solutions in the fan market, such as the use of aeration fans in wastewater treatment, industrial dust removal, and energy-saving systems, to name a few. The forums are delivered by the industry leaders, technical experts, and scientific research scholars who will share and propel knowledge on the current industry pain points and hotspots. The forums are expected to attract more than 500 industry experts from water affairs/water companies/wastewater plants, design institutes, steel/metallurgy/pharmaceutical/food/chemical industry, and visitors from petrochemical/manufacturing industries and end-users. Presented environmental protection projects will help enterprises and industry leaders to communicate face-to-face, and exchange knowledge and experiences.

Other events include new product launch events by some of the biggest names in the fan market. Visitors will have an opportunity to browse and discover up close a plethora of products and services, new competitive industry trends, clever marketing strategies, and up-and-coming fan industry brands, and potentially build new opportunities!

Marketing promotion channels

Over the years, CHC Expo has laid a solid foundation for cooperation with 200+ professional media in the industry, including magazines, websites, new media, and other channels that are used for the press release before, during, and after the show, as well as both the print media and online media, on-site video interviews, and many other channels to help promote exhibiting brands. We leverage our huge audience database to promote the brands through digital channels such as Baidu, Wechat Moments, Douyin (Chinese version of TikTok), and traditional channels such as SMS, word-of-mouth, and email blasting. Combined with online data and offline industry resource channels, we offer marketing channels to companies that help them extend their brand exposure during and after the show days.