What is the new display area at WieTec 2022?


What Is The New Display Area At WieTec 2022?

The construction industry is one of the four most carbon-intensive industries. Finding ways to rapidly decarbonize through the net-zero building has become a sector’s priority that will further contribute to the sustainable development of the Yangtze River Delta region.

The Yangtze River Delta is one of China’s three metropolitan regions that play an essential role in China’s economic growth. The region has always been a driver of the country’s economic development, and a hub for new industries and technologies that attracts talents from all over the country.

What is the new display area about? 

In 2022 CHC Expo is introducing a new display area called “The Yangtze River Delta Industrialization of Construction Exhibition (YICE)”, dedicated to low-carbon solutions and innovations in the construction industry. By showcasing new materials, processes, and equipment, the display area aims to contribute to the quality, efficiency and safety of construction projects and will play an important role in bringing together all the key stakeholders across the entire industry to drive growth and innovation.

Why YICE could be of interest to you?

The exhibition explores international cooperation in fields of digital design, smart manufacturing, green building materials, and smart construction sites while benchmarking against the best international practices. Furthermore, the exhibition presents innovative architectural products, technologies, solutions, and business cooperation models in the context of government initiatives, real estate development, architectural design, and construction trends while taking into consideration the construction industry’s challenges in the Yangtze River Delta (East China).


26,000㎡    Visitors: 20,000+     Exhibitors: 400+

What are the main themes of the exhibition?

New Building Industrialization 

Building structures

Precast concrete components

Structural connectors, embedded parts, and accessories

Precast concrete components & production equipment accessories

Energy-Saving Building Technology

Integration of insulation and decoration

Photovoltaic building integration

Architectural Coatings

Roof systems

Architectural Design and BIM Technology

Building Information Models

Component deepening design

Project consultancy

AEC (Architecture, Engineering & Construction) software

Smart Construction &Construction Sites

Smart construction site software & systems

Intelligent engineering machinery & equipment

Smart wearable device

Smart scaffolding

Who can you meet at the show?

General building construction contractors

Architecture & design institutes

Real estate developers

Manufacturers of prefabricated components

Manufacturers of building material

Governmental institutions


Engineering consulting and supervision companies

Construction finance companies

Other stakeholders

What forums not to miss out on?

The 2nd Yangtze River Delta Engineering Development Forum

“Thousand-Engineering Project” Buyers’ Conference & Supply-Demand Matchmaking Event

2022 Forum on Green Building Real Estate & Home Comfort System Application

More details to come soon!