What is New at Comforteco 2022?


Comforteco China: Trade Show For HVAC & SHome Comfort Solutions

Comforteco 2022: Trade Show For HVAC And Home Comfort Solutions

China’s strategic goal of peaking carbon emissions by 2030 and achieving carbon neutrality by 2060 (“dual-carbon goals”) along with the pandemic have created a paradigm shift in the HVAC and home comfort industry. Comforteco 2022 is showcasing the products and solutions that are born out of that transformation.

The pandemic has changed our concept of home forever and has highlighted the need to focus on home comfort. As a result, there is an overall trend where manufacturers are incorporating home comfort solutions in their product lines. Furthermore, China’s recent electricity shortage, paired with the pledges to curb emissions, prompted many Chinese users to turn to smart home options, as smart home provides insights into energy use that can help users become more energy-efficient and mindful of ecological factors. 

To accommodate the new needs of the market, Comforteco 2022 will include the Smart Home themed display area, along with the area dedicated to HVAC, ventilation, air conditioning, connected home water purification, and plumbing systems.

The show is expected to host over 1,200 exhibitors and 60,000 visitors across 80,000 sqm of exhibition space. Supported by leading industry associations, more than 20 forums and events will feature a comprehensive number of topics and industry speakers to share their vision of the future of the HVAC and home comfort market. The accompanying events will offer an invaluable platform for networking, new product launch, and gaining insights on industry trends across the industry.

According to statistics from Statista and the calculations of Yiou Think Tank, the market size of smart homes will exceed 800 billion yuan in 2025, with a compound annual growth rate of 15.8%. The IoT technologies have paved the way for the connected home, a truly smart home that is equipped with sensing technology, or electronic devices that can be controlled remotely — as in when you're away from your home — by a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Comforteco 2022 conferences will try to reveal how will that ever-evolving smart home landscape expand in the years to come.

What conference topics to expect at Comforteco 2022?

2022 HVAC Distribution and Decision-Making Power Theory

Organizer: I Media, CHC Expo

Sponsors: Xingzhihui Home Comfort and Furnishing; HVAC Industry Marketing Consulting Organization

About the conference:

How will the "dual carbon goals" influence the market landscape of the HVAC industry, and what are some of the smart marketing practices that HVAC companies can employ to build their brand? 

Some of the topics:

"Dual Carbon Goals" & HVAC Industry Trends 

HVAC Marketing Guide for the Next Three Years

New Era of Growth for Chinese HVAC Brands

2022 Smart Home "Comfort + Energy Saving" Solutions Forum

Organizer: CHC Expo

Sponsors: Smart "Toutiao" Smart Home Omnimedia

About the Conference:

How do IoT technologies and smart home solutions fit into the "dual carbon goals"? The forum aims to explore how smart home solutions can make our living and working spaces more convenient and comfortable while saving on utility bills.  

Some of the topics:

Smart Home & Low-carbon Buildings:  Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction

New Experience of Smart Home Scenarios in the 5G Era

Smart Homes & Residential Design

Smart Home Industry: Major Pain Points and Solutions 

The Second Carbon Neutral Era: Real Estate Green Building & Home Comfort System Theory

Organizer: Dashanghui Education Group, CHC Expo

About the conference:

Under the pressure of the "dual carbon goals", the low-carbon building is part of the business strategy of many real estate developers.  This forum discusses specific practical ways to reduce energy consumption in real estate in the carbon-neutral era from the perspective of multiple stakeholders, such as developers, architects, and property management.

Some of the topics:

Energy Saving Design Standard For Residential Buildings

Green Buildings & Home Comfort Systems

Smart Cities & Carbon Neutrality

Comforteco 2022 will include the Smart Home themed display area, along with the area dedicated to HVAC, ventilation, air conditioning, connected home water purification, and plumbing systems.