Upgrading to Energy-Efficient Home Appliances a New Trend in 2022


Smart Home: Upgrading to Energy-efficient Home Appliances a New Trend in 2022

China’s recent electricity shortage, paired with the pledges to curb emissions, prompted many Chinese users to cut back on energy use. Cutting costs on utility bills is one of the main reasons why so many consumers turn to “greener” products. By upgrading to energy-efficient home appliances, consumers save money and shrink their carbon footprint.

By upgrading to energy-efficient home appliances, consumers save money and shrink their carbon footprint.

Image by Tayeb MEZAHDIA from Pixabay

One of the things on the agenda of The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology for 2022 is to encourage the use of energy-saving home appliances, it is said in the Ministry’s statement from the National Industry and Information Work Conference. According to the statement, the Ministry considers that requiring the manufacturers to create energy-efficient products could encourage healthy competition in terms of technical research, digital transformation, and green and low-carbon development. We can expect that electric vehicles, energy-saving home appliances, and “carbon-neutral” building materials are some of the products that will be in high demand in 2022.

This year, the manufacturers of “green” home appliances and air-conditioners will be overloaded with work - the new policies always dictate the market trends and the air-conditioning industry is facing new restrictions that are a result of the "Energy Efficiency Limits and Energy Efficiency Ratings of Room Air Conditioners" (GB21455-2019). The new regulations will accelerate the pace of the transition to energy-saving solutions in the air-conditioning and home appliance industries. 

This big shift in air-conditioning and home appliance industry coincides with the “dual carbon” goals by the PRC. According to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, 2022 will be a year for the manufacturing industry to transition to a comprehensive green and energy-saving production. The consumption of green and energy-saving home appliances will also become a new consumer trend in the home appliance market. Innovation and user experience are now highly valued by consumers, and energy-saving products are becoming increasingly popular.

From the manufacturers’ point of view, energy-saving product features are related to the evaluation of user experience, hence many brands tweaked their sustainability strategy. Now that users seek energy-efficient products, switching makes good business sense, as well as benefiting the environment. In this new market environment that values energy efficiency, energy-saving products show the manufacturer’s R&D prowess.

Furthermore, various provinces and cities have introduced subsidies to incentivize “greener” manufacturing practices, and have run campaigns to encourage consumers to upgrade and replace their outdated home appliances. Many companies are working on incorporating the “dual carbon” goals into their long-term development strategies.

The consumer believes and behaviors are changing fast. Industry experts say that in 2022 big shifts in consumer behavior will take place, and the awareness of sustainability and carbon-neutrality will drive buying values. It is expected that the most sought-after products will be energy-saving products such as electric vehicles and green smart home appliances. Developing products with energy-saving features is already becoming an innovation goal in many industries.

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