WieTec 2022 postponed until further notice, WieTec Online Marketplace already announced


The decision was made after extensive discussions and analysis in consultation with local authorities and the venue, as well as external experts, putting foremost the health and safety of all concerned while aiming to achieve the broadest possible attendance for the show.

Dear exhibitors, visitors, and partners:

After careful consideration, and in light of the ongoing Coronavirus (COVID-19) developments in Shanghai, we are postponing WieTec 2022 to a later date. Rescheduling the event will enable us to provide the experience that our attendees, partners, and employees expect and deserve in a safe environment.

We remain excited to host you at a later date, and will get back to you with more information on specific dates in the coming months.

Many places in China are in the midst of an unexpected outbreak of the Omicron variant. Since March, we witness a severe surge of Omicron cases in Shanghai, with the city implementing a first-level response for public health emergencies. As Omicron infections threaten to overwhelm the city, Shanghai National Exhibition & Convention Center has been converted into a temporary hospital to accommodate an anticipated influx of patients.

In line with the city’s efforts to prevent the further spread of the pandemic, we decided after careful consideration to postpone WieTec 2022, which was originally scheduled to take place on June 8-10 at Shanghai National Exhibition and Convention Center. This decision has been taken as our primary concern at the moment is the health and safety of our exhibitors, visitors, partners, and staff.

The enthusiasm of our exhibitors, visitors, and industry associations over the last two years of the pandemic helped us hold two successful editions of WieTec during the uncertain times. Over the years, WieTec has grown into one of the leading industry events that have proven its resilience in times of uncertainty. It’s our mission as the organizer to offer a stable business platform that will be available to the industry stakeholders despite any unexpected event.

This is why over the years we have been developing WieTec online marketplace that allows the users to connect online with the business prospects from the WieTec database even if they are not able to attend the in-person event.  

With the online marketplace, WieTec became a hybrid event that offers visitors and exhibitors the opportunity to discover new products, conferences, and other useful information in real-time, and browse a directory of 200,000 suppliers in the WieTec database.

At WieTec online marketplace, users can find product manuals, corporate information, product explainer videos, and customer reviews, all in one place, with every information they need to help them make informed decisions. The online marketplace also allows the users to book a matchmaking meeting with a supplier or a conference seat with only one click.

We would like to take this opportunity to apologize for any inconvenience caused to exhibitors, visitors, and other stakeholders by the postponement of WieTec. As the Organizers, we are closely aligned with the decisions of the government and the venue. We closely monitor the situation, and we will keep you fully informed of any further developments. The new date is still to be confirmed. Please know we work hard to do everything possible to ensure a world-class and safe event for our exhibitors and visitors! Feel free to contact us for more information about our online marketplace.

We would like to thank the exhibitors, visitors, and other stakeholders for their support, loyalty, and understanding. We promise that WieTec 2022 will uphold its high standard of providing a business platform for all the industry stakeholders. We remain excited to host you later this year at Shanghai National Exhibition & Convention Center. Until then, stay safe and healthy!


Shanghai CHC Exhibition Co., Ltd.

April 15, 2022