AirVentec China Now a Hybrid Event


AirVentec China Now a Hybrid Event

Meet six brands you won’t want to miss at AirVentec China 2022.

Meet six air purification and air pollution control brands that you won’t want to miss at AirVentec China 2022.


The pandemic motivated us to adapt to new ways of doing business, and shift our focus to online platforms. At WieTec online marketplace, users can find product manuals, corporate information, product explainer videos, and customer reviews, all in one place, with every information they need to help them make informed decisions. The online marketplace also allows the users to book a matchmaking meeting with a supplier of their choice or a conference seat with only one click. It allows its users to reach out to potential customers all year round, and not only during the show days!


New AirVentec China mode creates a scenario that integrates online platforms and offline exhibitions. The online marketplace features in-depth information such as customer's product pictures, product manuals, corporate qualifications, product explanation videos, and much more. During the show days, the users who can visit the show can use the online platform to search for products and brands of interest, which will help them locate the booth of their preferred exhibitor, and therefore save them some time on the exhibition floor.


The online platform allows buyers to prepare for the exhibition by learning about new product releases, industry conferences, and other onsite events and activities, schedule meetings, and much more. 


Some of the companies listed in the WieTec Online Marketplace will showcase their products at AirVentec China 2022.


So who are the six exhibitors that you won't want to miss at AirVentec China 2022?


Jiangsu Diyuan Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.


Diyuan Air Purifier LB610



Guangdong Green Island  Air System Co., Ltd.


Heating/cooling air switch



High corrosion-resistant machine shell made of durable engineering PP material that meets the requirements of waterproof performance, with excellent air duct performance; multi-layer filters; easy to disassemble and assemble.


Bole Environmental System (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.


Duron series



Isothermal dehumidification, ventilation, and air purification, sensible heat recovery, smart control, energy-saving and low-noise operation, with several functions integrated into one to solve all your indoor air problems.


Shanghai Guyin Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.


Heat recovery air purification system for "passive houses" 



Products are manufactured by a well-known HVAC supplier from Europe. The system provides a complete set of solutions from the main engine to the air purification unit. Currently, the company mainly provides commercial full heat recovery air purification products, air outlets, valves, and cooling equipment for China. 


Shanghai Aipers Purification Technology Co., Ltd.


Air Purifier AI-600



With HEPAStack filter technology, different filters can adsorb different substances in a targeted way, which can effectively capture ultra-fine particles and achieve >99.99% PM2.5 purification efficiency. At the same time, it has DIY technology that replaces the matching filter according to different environmental pollution requirements.


Jiangxi Kaijun Industrial Co., Ltd.


Xiaomi air purifier filter element


1st generation of Pro universal antibacterial PM2.5 filter that treats various pollutants, including formaldehyde



The online marketplace is a great way to find Chinese buyers, selling agents, suppliers, distributors, manufacturers, and dealers who can promote your products in China if you are not able to travel to the exhibition location! If you are joining the in-person show, the online platform can be of great help in locating the booth numbers, learning about new product releases, and being well prepared for the show. If interested, send us an email at for more info on how to join the platform.