China’s electroplating industry is gaining momentum!


China's electroplating wastewater industry is gaining momentum!

First of all, what is electroplating wastewater? It means the wastewater that comes from the surface plating operations. The metal is dipped in an electroplating solution of various types of metals and then rinsed. It originates from washing, rinsing, and batch dumps. The industry believes that heavy metal wastewater is a type of wastewater with more complex treatment, and electroplating wastewater is one of the wastewaters with more serious heavy metal pollution.

The industry predicts that the size of China's electroplating sewage treatment market will exceed 30 billion yuan in the next five years.

Electroplating wastewater is classified according to different heavy metal elements, and can generally be divided into chromium-containing wastewater, nickel-containing wastewater, cadmium-containing wastewater, copper-containing wastewater, zinc-containing wastewater, gold-containing wastewater, silver-containing wastewater, etc., and the common targeted treatment methods include adsorption method, filtration method, electrolysis method, and heavy metal scavenger precipitation method. This shows the complexity and difficulty of electroplating wastewater treatment.

Regarding the sewage and wastewater treatment in the electroplating industry, many environmental protection documents regard the sewage and wastewater treatment in the electroplating industry as the focus of green development. For example, in the "Opinions on Further Strengthening the Prevention and Control of Heavy Metal Pollution" issued in March 2022, the electroplating industry is regarded as a key industry for heavy metal pollution prevention and control, and the electroplating industry is required to strengthen the classification management of heavy metal pollutant emission reduction and promote the in-depth treatment of heavy metal pollution, strengthen the environmental management of heavy metal-related solid waste. It is proposed that by 2025, the discharge of key heavy metal pollutants in key industries across the country will drop by 5% compared with 2020.

In May, the recommendation work for the cleaner production audit innovation pilot project focusing on electroplating and other industries was launched. The electroplating industry has begun to go deeper in the direction of cleaner production. At present, China's electroplating wastewater industry has changed its initial extensive development model and begun to pay attention to the content of wastewater treatment in the production process of the electroplating industry. With the green transformation and upgrading of the electroplating industry, the demand for electroplating wastewater treatment is expanding.

According to data from the China Surface Engineering Association, the product processing area of ​​China's electroplating industry in 2021 will increase by more than 20% compared with 2020. While the productivity of the electroplating industry is expanding, the amount of sewage discharged by enterprises is also increasing. In 2021, China's electroplating wastewater will generate more than 400 million tons. The output of electroplating sewage is increasing, and the processing pressure on the sewage treatment end is also increasing. On the one hand, electroplating sewage treatment enterprises urgently need to improve treatment efficiency and improve the level of electroplating sewage treatment; on the other hand, the scale of the electroplating sewage treatment market is also expected to further expand under the above conditions.

Some people in the industry predict that the size of China's electroplating sewage treatment market will exceed 30 billion yuan in the next five years after considering the actual situation such as the annual production of electroplating sewage.

Previously, Maibang Environmental Protection successfully signed a contract for the renovation project of the sewage treatment station of Zhongshan Dongrui Electroplating Co., Ltd. Recently, the procurement project of the electroplating wastewater treatment system of Shaanxi Qunli Electrician Co., Ltd. has begun to bid, mainly dealing with acid-base oily and chrome-containing wastewater, nickel-containing wastewater, and other seven types of electroplating wastewater. Zhongnan Surface Treatment Industrial Park will also be officially completed in October.